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Ascendo Venture Development’s key objectives for innovative companies like you:

  • Improve success of commercialisation of new ideas
  • Maximise the potential of startup companies
  • Improve competitiveness of SMEs through innovation
  • Enhance a culture of innovation in research institutions

We are a specialist firm with a wealth of commercial and technical management expertise. We can provide expert assistance to innovation-based businesses, helping them to take their ideas from concept to market.


We work with SMEs to lift their competitiveness through innovation and specialised technical expertise. Likewise, we can improve the culture of innovation at academic institutions, significantly increase their interaction with industry, and advise on the best commercialisation practices.

Combining the best innovation practices, technical management experience, and extensive networks with a hands-on implementation approach, Ascendo can work with you to achieve significant commercial success.

By engaging Ascendo you will obtain:

  • Accelerated and realistic growth
  • Accelerated industry acceptance of your product
  • Rapid customer engagement

R&D Tax Incentive Claims

The R&D Tax incentive program is a government initiative to make Australian industry more competitive. It provides incentives to increase R&D by Australian businesses.

The benefits for businesses include:

  • 45% refundable tax offset (equivalent of 150% tax deduction) for companies that have a turn over of less than $20M
  • 40% non-refundable tax offset (equivalent of 133% tax deduction) for companies that with a turn over of greater than $20M